Favourite Things To Do In Summer

Summer is the best time of year, the bloom of flowers and the anticipation of fun in the sun is exciting. But it is not the warm weather that makes summer special, it’s the little things you can do that makes this season magical. These may include:

5) Stretching an Afternoon BBQ into the Evening

There’s no season that encourages a BBQ like summer. It’s a great time to fired up the barbie,crack open a couple stubbies with good friends and catch up on life events.

4) Eating S’mores around a Campfire

I love experimenting with campfire treats. I may switch the recipes by wrapping the S’mores in a biscuit and adding strawberries, or using nutella instead of chocolates or using Rolo and going cracker free just for the fun of it.

3) Eat Ice Cream At A Locally Owned Ice Cream Parlors

Everyone loves ice cream and apart from supporting the local businesses, you get the chance to try home made organic flavors that are tasty and unique.

2) Go For Bike Ride With No Planned Destination or Time Limit

Bike rides are fun and is a good way to go on an adventure around the area exploring new scenes and if you’re with your partner on one of these rides, watching the sunset together can add a romantic element to this adventure.

1) Spend A Day At The Shore

I was raised by the ocean so the island girl within me needs to see a body of water large enough not to see the opposite shore at least once a year. And sitting by the beach or lake under the warm sun is a great way to relax.

Here’s my bucket list for Summer and I encourage you to make your own bucket list of things YOU want to do this summer just for you.

Best of Luck! 🙂

You Are Not Alone, You Will Be Found!

In a world full of chaos and uncertainty its easy to feel soo alone. To feel as if everyone is far away or that they don’t understand, to feel as if you were forgotten somewhere and that if you fell no one would hear a thing.

But this isn’t true, you matter because you are important and if it is difficult to see that right now in the midst of your darkness and despair do not lose hope. You are not alone, you never were. Despite how you felt or what you were told, there has always been people around you people who care about you just waiting for you to say that you need help. All you need to do is ask for it and speak out because you will be heard.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars \ Khalil Gibran

You will be okay. It may not seem like it at the moment but you will be because you are stronger than you think and like a phoenix you will emerge from the ashes and fly. And one day be able to tell the story of the mountain you climbed because your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.

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You are Amazing, You are Perfect!

Hey Everyone,

In a world full of wars, racism, stereotypes, judgments and negativity I just wanted to let you know that YOU ARE AMAZING!.

Now I know you may say, ‘that’s impossible I dont feel amazing’ or ‘no way, I dont have my life together, everything is falling apart’ but think about it for a minute. You have come so far and despite the hardships, heart breaks, setbacks and people saying you can’t do it, you are here and you have much more to accomplish in life. You may not see it right now because you are too close to whichever problems you’re facing but you are not alone and there are people who love and care about you.

And in case you’re still doubting yourself, listen:

☆You are smart

☆You are talented

☆You are kind and caring

☆You are funny

☆You are strong

☆ You are unique

☆ You are brave

☆You are capable

☆You have potential

☆You are courageous

☆ You are worthy of love and affection

☆You are never too much and always enough

☆You are not alone even when you feel lonely

☆You are cherished, adored and loved more than you can fathom

☆You are a blessing

☆You are a true friend and I’m grateful for you

☆You are such a light everywhere you go!

☆Everyone needs you

☆You have a good heart

☆You are a good person

☆You are a diamond, a precious jewel

☆ You are wanted and

You are worth more than you can ever imagine and in the midst of whatever storm that erupting around you or plans that are not falling into place , remember that you can overcome and achieve anything you want because you are Amazing and you are Perfect and believe it.

Have a blessed day!😀


20 Cheap Date Ideas

Hey Everyone🙂,

Is it your turn to plan date night?

Are you strapped for ideas and cash?


It’s still possible to plan a romantic day or night with your special someone and I’m going to help you with a list of ideas that are simple and budget friendly. Let’s dive right in:


  1. Have a picnic
  2. Play video games
  3. Watch a sports game complete with wings and beer
  4. Go all out and make an epic pillow fort
  5. Go camping
  6. Go ice skating
  7. Go bowling
  8. Play mini golf
  9. Play strip Yatzee, Scrabble, Cards against Humanity, Battleship, etc
  10. Visit open houses
  11. Visit an Open mic at a cafe
  12. Go tubing in a river or lake
  13. Visit the Botanical garden
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Play pool
  16. Go for a walk and get ice cream or frozen yoghurt or both
  17. Go star gazing
  18. Volunteer together
  19. Have a blind taste testing
  20. Have a fondue night

These are just a few ideas that I hope you find helpful. But remember that whatever you decide to do, your significant other will appreciate the effort you’ve taken to plan this special time. After all, it’s not the activity that matters , spending time with you does.

Best of Luck and Have fun!


Road To Recovery

” The door slammed close and there is an unsettling feeling in my stomach as I hear the foot steps down the hall and smell the strong odour of alcohol in the air. He has been drinking again and in the silence of the night I hear him verbally abuse everyone in the house, cursing his wife and children provoking a reaction. My siblings sneak into my room with sheer fear on their young faces and climb into bed with me covering their ears with their small hands as we all await in terror what comes next. The yelling begins, two voices screaming for what felt like hours competing to be heard. Then it stops…and all we hear is the sickening sounds of kicking , fists landing on a human body and faint cries to PLEASE STOP! “

Domestic Violence is more common than people think and when I look at the statistics of domestic violence in Fiji, 64 per cent of women have suffered from this form of abuse rating Fiji amongst the highest in the world in violence against women.

But what about the children of domestic violent homes?

Does growing up walking on egg shells around the perpetrator or living in constant fear for your safety affect a child?

The answer is YES! Of course it does!. Witnessing domestic violence in the home when one of their parents are abusing the other plays a tremendous role on the well being and developmental growth of children witnessing the violence. These children may suffer from head aches, bed wetting, fatigue, self abuse, anxiety, aggression , denial, substance abuse, depression, desensitisation to aggressive behaviour, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and may even commit suicide.

As a person who grew up in this environment I can honestly say that it was not easy learning that what was “my normal” wasn’t normal at all and it took years for me to accept how dysfunctional it was and years to “rewire” and change the way I viewed the world. And trust me, breaking the chain and choosing to nurture a healthy relationship with yourself and others is possible. I will share with you 3 ways that can help you change your life.



Children who grow up witnessing domestic violence may feel very isolated and embarrassment about their home situation and hearing a parent use the popular saying ;

” What happens at Home stays at home “

Stamps that emotion into the child forcing the child to repress their sadness and drift further into seclusion. However, I encourage you to speak out and seek help and advice from a trusted school counsellor, a religious leader, your friends and other family, a medical professional and the authorities. Don’t be afraid to talk about what really happens behind closed doors because you have the right to live in a safe environment and sharing your story can help not only another survivor but yourself as well.



Growing up in a home where domestic violence is a normal occurrence may emotionally stunt a persons growth and nurturing a healthy relationship with Oneself and others may prove challenging. But don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that you are not alone. In learning to nurture healthy relationships you need to gradually build your confidence, rebuild your life with things you enjoy, reconnect with loved ones and take time to reflect and recover. It may take awhile but you are well on the way to a better you.



When transforming your life and breaking bad family habits you hold the cards. After all it is your life. You can choose to let a bad situation define you and victimise you or choose to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and live.

Because you are in control and you will make it through this. You are a survivor.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope that you find it helpful in your road to recovery. If you have any suggestions on other ways to change your life or would like to share your story, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

Have a blessed recovery 🌷

#domestic violence

40 Ways to Supercharge your Life

Have you ever felt tired or worn out from all the hustle and bustle of life? Do you need a breather?

Well if you agree than I think it is time for you to take a step back andrecharge.

Now I know some of you may be thinking ” I can recharge by having a couple of drinks with my mates or going on a family vacation” and I do agree with you. You can do that if it helps you however, spending time alone is also good for your mental and emotional well being. This is because being alone gives you an opportunity to plan your life, it helps you develop more insight into who you are as a person, it can spark creativity and it can help you build your mental strength by increasing happiness and improving stress management.

This blog will be focusing on the things thatyou can do during these down times that may help you recharge and refocus your life. Let’s dive right in:

40 Fun Things To Do Alone

  1. Have a spa day
  2. Read the Bible
  3. Go fishing
  4. Travel
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Take yourself out to lunch or dinner
  7. Teach yourself a new recipe
  8. Go to the movies
  9. Go for a scenic walk
  10. Meditate
  11. Visit a museum
  12. Binge watch a show
  13. Visit a new place
  14. Try a new hobby
  15. Go on a drive alone
  16. Workout
  17. Hang out at the park and read a book
  18. Have a scented bubble bath
  19. Sing out loud
  20. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  21. Go to a sports game
  22. Take yourself out for a drink
  23. Visit a new coffee shop or cafe
  24. Go to the zoo
  25. Get a massage
  26. Go shopping
  27. Start a home improvement project
  28. Unplug from social media
  29. Complete a random act of kindness
  30. Play video games
  31. Go swimming or surfing
  32. Go sailing
  33. Paint, write or draw
  34. Brush up on your musical instrument skills
  35. Go for a picnic
  36. Book yourself into a hotel
  37. Start a herb or flower garden
  38. Create a music playlist
  39. De-clutter your life
  40. Create a vision board and bring your dreams to life

These are just a few ideas of things you can do alone when you are feeling a bit stressed out and I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do. If you have any suggestions on other things you have tried to unwind please feel free to add them in the comments below. Thank you for reading my blog. Happy Recharge !

# Recovering

Building Your Self Worth

“Am I worthy?”

If you’re still reading you’ve probably asked this same question and it’s a question that lingers behind the curtain of everyone’s thoughts at some point of their lives and I don’t know about you but it does with me. It’s a question that can make the most confident person second guess their abilities or qualifications and if negatively planted, it can distort a child’s perception of themselves which may lead to destructive habits such as alcohol abuse and violent tendencies. However, this blog isn’t about the effects low self worth has on a person although there are many , it is about the 3 ways you can rebuild self worth when you’re feeling low. Let’s dive straight into it:



Although comparing oneself to others is a natural human behaviour that’s pretty much hard wired into us, you need to remember that you are unique. You have your own strengths and weaknesses and you have your own ways or methods to achieve your goals. You don’t have to follow anyone’s ‘timeline’ or live up to others expectations because when you do this you’ll notice that you won’t be happy. So walk at your own pace and do things when you are ready and be proud of the achievement you’ve achieved. Now I know you’re thinking it’s easier said than done especially when the world bombards you with what you should be like or the media showing you how you should look like in order to be considered attractive and I agree with you it takes a lot of mental preparation and courage but you are your own person and in the process of building your self worth you have to learn to listen and trust your own feelings and abilities. Your uniqueness is what will make you great!



The way we see ourselves is way more important than how others see us and having realistic self prep talks are a good way to boost a positive self image. So take time to remind yourself that you matter by using these self love affirmation examples:

• “ I am worthy of love”

• “ I have the ability to overcome any challenges life throws at me”

• “ I am Beautiful / I am Handsome”

• “ I am Perfect as I am”

• “ I am creative and intelligent “

• “ I am successful “

• “ I believe in myself and my abilities “

• “ I am smart, able and competent”

• “ I love and treasure my body”

• “ I have come this far and I will keep going”

• “ I am kind and compassionate “

• “ I will be the change I want to see”

But with these self affirmations you need to recognise that you are in control and responsible for your attitude and reaction because just as Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.



The past is the past and all the lessons are just that ‘lessons’. They may be used as a learning curve to intellectually and emotionally grow but it should not be used as a stumbling block to hold you back from your greatness nor as an excuse to put yourself down because the past does not dictate where you are going. You do! And this moment, the Now ‘is’ the moment that matters. You can change your life for the better, you can choose to have a healthy relationship with yourself and you can build your self worth.

Because you are a amazing and you deserve all the happiness and love you want. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and if you have any thoughts or comments on this topic feel free to let me know.

Have a great day!

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